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skwar, Monday 12 December 2011 - 16:24:57

Thank you for visiting the website of Fenrir's Pack.

If your interested in joining us, please read our charter below and fill out an application.

If your already a member, and looking to gain access to this website, also fill out an application.

If you have any questions or comments you may visit our forums and login as a guest to ask.

Login info for the guest account is ...

User: guest
Pass: guest

Timezone: US timezones (6pm est - 1am est primarily)
Raiding schedule: Determined by members work/life schedules
Age Requirement: 18+
Voice Chat: Ventrilo (mic not required)
Server: Lord Praven (PvE)
Faction: Empire


We are a mature gaming guild of like minded individuals, who have been playing together as a guild for quite some time. If your laid back, have a sense of humour and a keen eye for details
you'll get along with us fine.

Age Group:
We are all adults with all the usual attachements (families, jobs, etc..).

We generally play PvE with a focus on dungeon and raid runs. We also do the occasional PvP.

Level Requirements:
We prefer that everyone get their main character to max level first, before bringing up any alt's. If we have any guild events (ie Instancing, PvP, world events, etc) we ask that you bring you main or any other max level character that is needed to the event with us.

Some games have better solutions to loot distributions than others. The ones with the lesser forms, may require that we implement a DKP solution. If necessary, we will implement a zero sum DKP that includes a deflationary measure. In recent games, this system has not been necessary (we believe token systems are making DKP solutions un-necessary).

Loot Rules:
We subscribe to the need before greed ideal. The objective is to equip the entire guild with the best gear that everyone can get.

As adults, we prefer that everyone work out their individual problems with each other. Officers can act as arbitraters of last resort. Overall, our goal is to remain drama free. If you have a contention regarding the guild process' or policies, please contact an officer by forum private message or in-game via a whisper, we would like to hear any dissenting opinions.

We are not a roleplaying guild. It's not that were hate roleplayers, it's more like we think there are better venues/mediums for roleplaying (ie live action roleplaying).

If you are going to be going away from the game for more than a week, please let the guild know. A forum post would be the preferred method. However if the nature of the reason is private, you can Private Message an officer from the website, we will respect your right to confidentiality. (note: family members of active players are are secluded from this rule).

During guild events, we will be using an VoIP system for communications. We would prefer that everyone have the designated program installed (we usually use Ventrilo). If we happen to be raiding in a large group, please keep chatter down over the VoIP, so that the strategies and idea's can more easily communicated.

Adults swear, it's a fact of life and we understand that. However with that in mind, other guild members may have children around. So please keep especially vulgar language/conversations to a private Ventrilo channel or to an private IM channel

If your are interested in joining us, please fill out an application or contact us in-game

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